SFLMaven Corp, the ‘Amazon.com Of Collectibles,’ Expands Into NFT Market… and Could Change NFT Ecommerce for Good

SFLMaven Corp, the 'Amazon.com Of Collectibles,' Expands Into NFT Market… and Could Change NFT Ecommerce for Good

NFTs show no sign of slowing in popularity and investment potential – and businesses across the nation who are transforming to keep up with our new digital buying habits are undoubtedly the ones to watch right now. Top of that list is SFLMaven: the eCommerce site for collectibles that is rapidly expanding into the NFT arena.

SFLMaven (Publicly traded as, SFLM) has previously built a reputation for quality over the last two decades as a go-to online store for luxury goods and authentic collectibles, having grown from an eBay store to a dedicated multi-million dollar online collectibles store. Having conquered physical collectibles, the business is now investing in the world of digital collectibles, in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – and we can expect big things to come.

In September this year, the Fort Lauderdale-based company launched its NFT strategy by focusing first on small-batch local artwork, teaming up with a talented local artist to create a series of digital artwork for sale through auction as NFTs.

Swiftly following that success, in October 2021, SFLMaven continued to expand its NFT portfolio by signing its second artist, known as SubtleCodes, to create more digital artwork for the business. The artist, known for his live painting in front of crowds as large as 40,000 people, has appeared at Electric Forest music festival in Michigan, Sonic Bloom in Colorado, and many more, as well as shown at Art Basel and at the respected Moksha Art Gallery. The partnership marks a significant development in SFLMaven’s reputation for renowned art and big-name artists of the moment.

In business terms, artists such as SubtleCodes agree to create an initial number of unique digital artworks – in this case, 50 pieces – for a cash payment and a 10% royalty on purchased NFTs to be paid to SubtleCodes quarterly.

The simple yet effective digital model being used by SFLMaven with its artists could mark the future of artwork as we know it – and it’s a natural fit for the business. As SFLMaven CEO, Joseph Ladin, explained, “We see this avenue as a powerful way to build on our current strong momentum after posting over $1.1 million in September sales.”

There’s certainly enormous growth potential to capitalize on. The market has exploded in value this year alone, with the market now worth around $7 billion.

While many NFT startups lack the business and commerce experience which makes for a sound investment, SFLMaven stands ahead of the crowd in combining the growth potential of this emerging marketplace with decades of proven experience in the art and collectibles industry. It’s a relatively unique prospect in such a new marketplace, but it’s one that makes this an incredibly attractive investment option.

Already a winning combination, add to the offering the fact that SFLMaven is currently valued as a penny stock and this becomes an even more worthy stock option right now. Grab a piece of the business now while it’s low and simply wait for the NFT marketplace to boom – SFLMaven has all the luxury eCommerce expertise to be positioned at the top of it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. All stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. Please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. Article provided in part by strategic innovations who are paid for by the company for social media and research.