Songwriters Are Collaborating With AI-based Software LyricStudio

Songwriters Are Collaborating With AI-based Software LyricStudio
Maya Ackerman. © David Loker

LyricStudio, created by California-based startup WaveAI, is changing how artists create music. WaveAI does not want to replace artists. Instead, their songwriting software helps artists find inspiration and break out of writer’s block. “It’s like having a songwriting partner who has great ideas that you can either use or not use, but you cannot hurt their feelings,” shares Berlin-based singer/songwriter FLOSS.

LyricStudio was recently showcased at NVIDIA’s AI Art Gallery, displaying the works of eight artists who utilize LyricStudio in their songwriting process. In their testimonials, artists share how their art was enriched through artificial intelligence. “I wanted to write a song about a woman’s empowerment after a breakup… and LyricStudio was especially helpful to me in creating lyrics… from a woman’s perspective,” shares US-based artist/producer Bob’s Poznanovich of his song, More of Me.

An artist using LyricStudio begins by selecting a couple of topics or choosing a genre. LyricStudio then does its magic and presents original lyric lines based on the artist’s choices, inviting them to select from, or be inspired by, the AI’s generations. Artists can generate novel suggestions at any point, making it easy to overcome writer’s block and super-charge the creative process. If at any point the artist chooses to enter their own lyrical material, LyricStudio adapts to their unique writing style and provides lyric suggestions that fit. With its infinite ideas and flexibility, LyricStudio is the perfect writing partner.

This AI-powered lyric writing software assistant was also incorporated in the DIANA songwriting contest, held earlier this year in Cologne, Germany. The contest aims to foster collaboration between artists and artificially intelligent systems. The finalist songs included Burn, made by three female artists, Mona M, Mina Richman, and Veggie Oxblood, bringing awareness to the historical injustice of witch trials intermixed with today’s call for accountability.

“Musical AI is here to stay. It’s critical to share this powerful technology in a way that enriches the creative process and elevates artists,” says Dr. Maya Ackerman, CEO of WaveAI. “Done well, creative systems allow us to express ourselves at a deeper level, making us more creative even when we step away from the AI.”

Listen to Dr. Maya Ackerman discuss LyricStudio on the NVIDIA AI Podcast.

Brian Smith