Sony Exhibits at the World’s Largest International Conference on Accessibility “CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2022”

International event takes place in Anaheim, California March 14 - 18

Sony Exhibits at the World's Largest International Conference on Accessibility "CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2022"
Sony Corp. headquarters in Tokyo. © Shuji Kajiyama / AP Photo

Sony’s Purpose is to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.” Sony applies technology to incorporate accessibility into its products and services to strive for a future where everyone shares the moment, overcoming their limitations. The exhibit showcases Sony’s products and various initiatives addressing accessibility.

Showcased initiatives:


By setting accessibility functions that assist sight, hearing, and operation, users can enjoy watching TV more easily. With BRAVIA TVs with Google Assistant, search for videos and operation are hands-free.


PlayStation strives to create a gaming experience without barriers that fits the needs of players of all abilities. The PlayStation 5 console features display and customization options like zoom, color correction and text size adjustments, a screen reader feature, closed captions and chat transcription. Players can also customize button assignments on the DualSense wireless controller and adjust the intensity of the vibration and adaptive trigger effects. PlayStation Studios also creates a variety of industry–defining software titles with an array of vision, hearing and motor accessibility settings.

LinkBuds Truly Wireless Headphones

With an open ringed-shaped design that does not block your ears, users can enjoy music and games while listening to surrounding sounds naturally. The compass and gyro sensors built into the main unit work with Microsoft’s 3D audio map application “Microsoft Soundscape” to deliver directions and situational information by voice. This can include beacon sounds from the destination, surrounding buildings or information about intersections. This new technology makes more people’s city walks a rich experience without having to hold a smartphone in their hands.

Alpha 7 IV Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

Sony’s newest camera features sensory assistive technology that make it easier to see, hear and use. The Alpha 7 IV offers focus assist technology that enlarges the image on the screen to adjust focus on selected subjects. Similar to other cameras in the Sony Alpha line up, the Alpha 7 IV uses advanced artificial intelligence to track the subject using Eye-detection technology and Real-time AF Tracking, taking the guessing out of capturing a sharp image in focus.

Alpha 7 IV camera equipped with QD Laser’s “RETISSA® SUPER CAPTURE” laser retinal projection technology developed independently by the company will be demonstrated. This technical exhibit is part of the “With My Eyes” project led by QD Laser and supported by Sony. The project aims to change “difficult to see” into “visible” for people with low vision. This compatible accessory allows visually impaired people to experience creating photos and videos with their own eyes.

Wireless Neckband Speaker SRS-NS7

A device worn on the shoulders that spreads sound around the ear. Even in an environment where loud entertainment devices are not appropriate, users can enjoy immersive sound that is easy-to-hear. Since it does not block ears, users can watch movies and listen to music while listening to the surrounding sounds and communication.