Space Force Delta Activates Final Subordinate Squadron

Photo caption: U.S. Space Force Col. Stephen Lyon, Space Delta 15 commander, left, passes the 15th Cyberspace Squadron guidon to U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Megan Belger, incoming 15th CYS commander, right, during the organization’s activation ceremony at Schriever Space Force Base, Colo., Oct. 20, 2023.

Space Force Delta Activates Final Subordinate Squadron

Space Delta 15 stood up its final subordinate squadron, the 15th Cyberspace Squadron during a ceremony here, Oct. 20, 2023.

“This new squadron will rally to the hunt and forge the spirit of defense for the Delta,” said U.S. Space Force Col. Stephen Lyon, Joint Task Force-Space Defense director of operations, National Space Defense Center director, and commander of DEL 15. “The 15th CYS will be lifted as the vision for which our Guardian defenders strive toward. Our war dogs will clear the path to space superiority and the defense of our nation!”

The mission of the 15th CYS is to conduct intelligence-driven cyberspace defensive operations with mission partners to assure the NSDC’s mission by identifying, preventing denying, and eliminating threats.

The 15th CYS will defend against maligned cyber activities to preserve the sovereignty of the NSDC’s on-orbit command-and-control mission.

U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Megan Belger took command as the inaugural squadron commander of the 15th CYS.

“It is an honor to help lay the foundation for the USSF’s first truly integrated Delta,” said Belger. “The 15th CYS will employ integrated cyber defense operations to safeguard and enhance space-to-space operations in a contested environment.”

Belger continued, “I want to create an environment where Guardians fight to become part of this united and empowered team.”

DEL 15 activated two additional subordinate squadrons this year, including the 15th Command and Control Squadron, June 30, and 15th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Squadron, July 13. 

DEL 15 and its subordinate squadrons are the U.S. Space Force’s force presentation to U.S. Space Command to organize, train and equip the NSDC.

The mission of DEL 15 is to provide service command-and-control capability, mission ready crew forces, skills training, certifications, ISR, and cyber mission defense support, as well as special mission support to the NSDC.