Spigen Revamps Signature Lineup for MagSafe Compatibility

Spigen Revamps Signature Lineup for MagSafe Compatibility

Spigen announces a new addition to its Mag Series collection featuring several MagSafe cases, wallets, and other accessories. Since the release of the iPhone 12, Spigen has been working to update its signature lineup for full MagSafe compatibility.

Spigen’s new Ultra Hybrid Mag combines its beloved clear case with the full support of the MagSafe experience. Looking to preserve the simplistic design of the iPhone 12, Spigen took a unique approach by including a color-matching ring to add a touch of style. Working through countless revisions and color swatches to get the perfect color, Ultra Hybrid Mag is now available for order and pre-order, with a Pacific Blue option on the way soon.

Tough Armor Mag

In honor of its 10th-year anniversary, Spigen updated the signature look of the Tough Armor for iPhone 12 with the latest mag feature. Despite being one of its oldest cases, Spigen had to overcome a challenge with the existing two-part design in order to successfully implement a magnetic ring. Tough Armor Mag opts for a slimmer, more streamlined design to complement the minimalist look of the iPhone.

Valentinus and Smart Fold

Spigen is aiming to provide more to support the full experience of the iPhone 12. Inspired to bring extra functionality on top of its aesthetic designs, Spigen converted its existing case lineup into MagSafe compatible wallets. Valentinus is a timeless piece, crafted from eco-friendly vegan leather for a classic look and feel. On the other hand, Smart Fold transforms Spigen’s popular tablet trifold into the perfect wallet/stand combo for iPhone.

Spigen’s new Mag Series collection is now available for order and pre-order on Amazon. Spigen is also continuing to expand its lineup to provide a full MagSafe experience with the release of more accessories throughout the year including stands, chargers, and more. Visit Spigen’s website to learn more.