Sticky Fingaz X Fredro Starr Discuss ONYX, Gaming, And More With HIPHOPGAMER

Sticky Fingaz x Fredro Starr Discuss ONYX, Gaming, and More With HIPHOPGAMER

The cultural impact in Hip-Hop of ONYX is indescribable and incalculable. ONYX’s sound transformed the entire landscape of Hip-Hop. In rap history, no other artist or group combined rage, anger, wordplay, and fearless energy with an exclusive uniqueness. The ONYX sound is unparalleled in Hip-Hop as of today and has never been duplicated.
In 1988 the iconic rap group ONYX was born, and Hip-Hop was forever changed. Fate brought Fredo Star to a traffic stoplight in 1991, where he met Jam Master Jay. Jam Master Jay was a DJ of the world-famous group RUN DMC.
RUN DMC is considered the most influential and culturally iconic rap group of all time. Jam Master Jay gave Fredo Star two months to create a demo tape for him to review. Jeff Harris introduced his cousin Kirk Jones aka Sticky Fingaz, and recommended they record a few records together.
Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr connected, recorded, and created Hip-Hop gold inside the studio. Jam Master Jay co-signed their undeniable talent and music. He signed ONYX to JMJ Records and released their classic album, “Bacdafucup.”
The song ‘SLAM” was a crossover mega-hit. Every kid from the hood, suburbs, deep country, and Africa knew the lyrics to “SLAM.” “Bacdafucup” solidified their place in rap history and proved they belong in the rap game for the long run. “Bacdafucup” sold over 1,000,000 copies and became multi-platinum certified. ONYX’s music became the voice of New York and the inner-city youth.
HIPHOPGAMER and ONYX discuss video games and the state of gaming

HIPHOPGAMER is the undisputed “KING” of gaming and is recognized by every rapper, Hollywood elite, and Generation Z gamer worldwide.
HIPHOPGAMER plays referee in the video game battle between Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr. Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr lock controllers in an epic war of Street Fighter.
HIPHOPGAMER sets the stage with the classic 1991 version of Street Fighter. Fredro Starr taking “BLANKA” and Sticky Fingaz using “KEN.”
ONYX discusses Hip-Hop influences, gaming, music business, and their future. Watch the timeless interview and witness history!