The Amagi Partners With Frederator Media

The Amagi Partners With Frederator Media

Ethan Schulteis, the 19-year-old behind the popular YouTube channel “The Amagi,” entered a partnership with Frederator Media in October.

Frederator Media is the studio behind major cartoon franchises like “The Fairly Oddparents,” “Castlevania,” and “Adventure Time.” With a niche in animation for streaming services, the studio has spent 20 years producing well over a dozen series and more than 250 short films for Netflix, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and other partners.

Frederator Digital, meanwhile—a subsidiary of the studio—has cemented its reputation as one of YouTube’s most-followed animation networks, running a number of channels for gamers, movie and TV watchers, and other viewers.

The partnership is an ideal fit for Schulteis, who shares a longstanding relationship with Frederator Media. Since the creator launched “The Amagi” in 2016, he’s accumulated a subscriber count of over 1 million, mostly by producing in-depth videos on the histories of animated worlds—often in close collaboration with Frederator staff.

Viewers might have noticed a spike in these collaborations in 2020, a short time after the Frederator brand was acquired by Wow! Unlimited Media, and the studio’s YouTube channel went temporarily defunct. Turns out, team members lost their jobs during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Enter Schulteis. The creator hired a number of former Frederator staff to work on his own channel during this time, commissioning a suite of voice actors, designers, illustrators, and other team members to help craft his content.

Today the “ChannelFrederator” account is back in action, and Schulteis has signed on as a video producer. Not unlike his work on “The Amagi,” he produces videos for the brand, running a series called “107 Facts” analyzing the histories of franchises like “Avatar,” “Owl House,” and many others.

In addition to producing content for Frederator Media and his own channel, Schulteis runs “The Amagi 2,” a second YouTube channel that covers the histories of live action worlds, and a third YouTube channel entitled “Ethan Schulteis,” which focuses on vlogs of the creator’s daily life.