The Ebb & Flow of iQSTEL

The Ebb & Flow of iQSTEL

iQSTEL is a leading-edge telecommunication and technology services company for global markets. It is a company supplying solutions to a marketplace in an IoT arena that could grow to $1.6 trillion by 2025. And still, there are things about the ebb and flow of the stock that requires a deeper look to begin understanding the changes.

The Ebb & Flow of iQSTEL

iQSTEL, the company, continues to grow despite a share price that has waxed and waned. Questions and speculation have swirled around the impact of unwarranted short trading of the stock. Additionally, some trading restrictions with platform T212 have fueled ideas around the source of resulting frustrations. They are frustrations for shareholders that tie back to factors beyond company management control. After reaching out to the company, I found an active relationship with investors, which include:

  • Intelligent spending without the excesses of outside marketing
  • Shareholder word of mouth driving organic placement
  • A company that makes an effort to interact with shareholders to address questions and concerns
  • Regular weekly updates to shareholders

iQSTEL is a company in regular contact with its shareholders and leadership working hard to diversify the company offerings. The scope and scale of the challenges this company is solving for global markets are not yet in tandem with its share price. There’s more to know about why that is.

Making the Company Voice Heard

Some press releases did not grow the legs they could have to reach the public. Still, the active efforts all around to keep shareholders informed and in step with the company bring a highly desirable level of transparency. Additionally, iQSTEL’s online presence with the Ambassador Group on Facebook maintains just under 1,000 loyal shareholders.

The company also deploys a newsletter system and a robust social media presence. With additional updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube videos, they have expanded their online footprint. For example, one of the most spotlighted companies in videos about the OTC markets is iQSTEL. In addition, their shareholder programs are some of the best in class.

The company has done well to stay steadfast to the goal of uplisting to the Nasdaq. Active engagement with investment banking to sponsor the uplisting is a crucial example. Negotiating a formal agreement is a likely part in the wake of these investment dialogues. iQSTEL has shown itself capable of optimizing the push towards uplisting. It is a process that creates an opportunity to execute their merger and acquisition campaign.

Top-Rated Product Performances

Every investor wants to know that a company delivers a product that meets a need. But in addition, investors want to see the company provide a solution that offers value. Well, iQSTEL’s IoTSmartTank has won the Smart Appliance Product of the Year IoT Breakthrough Award and joins the company of Bosh, GE, Apple, and Lenovo, among other recognized brand names.

Serving the world’s growing mobility and connectivity driven markets through B2B iQSTelcom Division and B2C iQSTEL EVOSS Division show that iQSTEL embraces innovation. With a presence in 15 countries, they remain firm on their thesis that bringing a combined 100 years of technology experience into a dynamically growing marketplace is how you drive growth. That presence is also how management sees this company becoming a one-stop shop for high-tech services.

Weighing Company Claims

With all of these factors in mind, I needed to clarify how we got here. First, are the company claims of growth valid? One only needs to look back two years ago to see where the price has been historical, what the revenue growth has shown and how it has accelerated on the pink sheets.

The growth rate that the data shows has rarely been seen amongst its contemporaries. In a recent shareholder announcement from CEO Leandro Iglesias, the $90 million revenue forecast was included by leadership in an overall, very encouraging letter. The letter also goes on to restate Mr. Iglesias’s optimism in achieving the Nasdaq minimum listing requirement.

Still, it would appear the company remains undervalued. With solid fundamentals and steady growth, the profitability of this organization is something investors could look forward to along with future acquisitions. With the company’s name growing as its global footprint expands, the current share prices are not likely to be seen again. However, shareholders have something to look forward to as the solutions iQSTEL provides continue their adoption into global markets.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. All stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. Please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. Article provided in part by Strategic Innovations who are paid for by the companies for social media and research.