The First Private and User-Friendly Mobile Web3 Storage is Launched by DeNet

The First Private and User-Friendly Mobile Web3 Storage is Launched by DeNet

DeNet, a multichain ecosystem based on decentralized storage, has announced the launch of the first Web3 storage mobile app with easy and private access.

DeNet Storage App enables convenient and private usage of decentralized storage for all kinds of data. The app is already available in the App Store.

The app provides a smooth transition for users from Web2 to Web3 even for those with zero experience and knowledge of crypto and Web3. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitively clear system of managing files and folders (uploading, downloading, deleting). DeNet Storage provides users with a simple interface, but with all the advantages of decentralization that the DeNet Protocol ensures.

What is unique about DeNet Storage App?

  • Anonymity

Users don’t have to enter their email or any personal information to use the app. No one can access files without permission as data is encrypted by private key.

  • Absolute data security

Users’ files can’t be lost as they are kept on multiple nodes simultaneously and protected by the Smart Replication feature.

  • Ease-of-use

There is a user-friendly interface that facilitates logging in. Users are also offered rewards for taking the first steps – TBY tokens for installing the app and sharing a referral code.

  • Mutually beneficial conditions

The DeNet team implements decentralized storage which means the omission of big data centers at a great expense. As a result, there are no extra fees for users.

“Web3 projects are facing several important challenges. One of is the smooth and seamless transition of users from Web2 to Web3. This challenge has been accepted by the DeNet project. We have created conditions to store data as conveniently as with the established cloud services, only securely, privately and decentralized. It all starts with a single touch of your phone screen,” said DeNet founder Rafik Singatullin.

About DeNet

DeNet is a multichain ecosystem built on Storage Protocol. They provide convenient and safe access to Web3 since 2017. For that purpose, they have already launched products that help users explore all the benefits of decentralization, including: DeNet Desk, DeNet Market, NFT Staking and others. For more information, visit the website