The Pandemic Mobile Command Center Will Assist Retail Pharmacies & Hospitals With Drive Thru Vaccine Clinics in 2021

The Pandemic Mobile Command Center Will Assist Retail Pharmacies & Hospitals With Drive Thru Vaccine Clinics in 2021

As healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities in the United States start receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Creche Innovations, along with a COVID-19 vaccine focus group comprised of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists from across the country, have developed the Pandemic Mobile Command Center (PMCC™) with built-in MicroCool® Refrigeration to ensure the vaccine cold chain is properly maintained. The PMCC™ will assist retail Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Satellite/Temporary/Off-Site Locations with starting and maintaining drive-thru vaccination clinics that follow the CDC’s best practices, which are essential for patient safety and vaccine effectiveness.

CDC guidelines state, “do not store any vaccine in a dormitory-style or bar-style refrigerator under any circumstances as they pose a significant risk of freezing vaccines, even when used for temporary storage.” This requirement by the CDC makes our MicroCool Refrigerator ideal for the strict requirements associated with storing pharmaceuticals such as the new COVID-19 vaccinations. The MicroCool® also integrates with any Digital Data Logger (DDL) an entity may choose to use. Each entity fully customizes the PMCC™ to meet their vaccine drive-thru needs,” said Scott Norman, CEO of Creche Innovations. Pharmacies or Hospitals can add additional accessories to the PMCC addressing their specific needs, such as adding built-in tablet charging stations, vaccine record cardholder, waste container, various storage drawer sizes for the organization, and immediate access to the following required COVID-19 supplies: needles of various sizes (dependent on population served), syringes, alcohol prep pads, PPE’s for vaccinators, COVID-19 vaccination record cards, vaccine needle and length guide, diluent and mixing supplies (based on vaccine product) and much more.

The PMCC™ ensures that all COVID-19 vaccination providers participating in the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program can:

  • Maintain cold chain conditions and chain of custody at all times, with one or more locking mechanisms, in accordance with the EUA/vaccine packet insert and CDC guidelines
  • Monitor the MicroCool® Refrigerator temperature at all times using a DDL of their choosing
  • Ensure proper vaccine and supply inventory before the start of each vaccination clinic day
  • Have immediate access to all required COVID-19 Ancillary Supplies

Per the CDC, every year, vaccine storage and handling errors result in revaccination and significant financial losses to the healthcare community due to wasted vaccines. Failure to store and handle vaccines properly causes our population to lose confidence in vaccines and their providers (due to revaccination) because the vaccines they received may have been compromised. The PMCC™ allows providers to store and handle vaccines with the built-in MicroCool® Refrigerator properly. The all-terrain casters allow for the use of the PMCC™ outdoors on asphalt/concrete, grass/turf type surfaces, or inside a facility. The PMCC™ allows every entity to address their needs while adhering to the CDC’s Best Practices for a Vaccination Clinic.

Creche Innovations has commenced production in Q4 2020 and plans to launch in the United States and Canada beginning in January 2021.