The Tokenization of Financial and Real-World Assets is ‘En Route’ So Don’t Miss the Train!, a French leading company has developed the smart way to invest around the world.

The Tokenization of Financial and Real-World Assets is 'En Route' So Don't Miss the Train!
Mr. Brice Vandevoorde – Founder & President of Realiz- Paris, France 2023

In the last past few years, the emergence of tokens had highly exposed the potential of new businesses and sectors; Tokenization refers to the creation of tokens, which are pieces of code on a blockchain, to record information about underlying assets and liabilities including their attributes or characteristics, status, transaction history, and ownership. Tokens enable the trade and transfer of ownership and titles of value directly via a digital ledger.

New Investment Platform REALIZ launched by Mr. Brice Vandevoorde; and initial business development manager and investor in real estate development projects, democratizes Access to Lucrative Opportunities Worldwide

“REALIZ, an innovative investment platform, has been established to democratize access to excellent investment opportunities by pooling the skills and expertise of its founders, who have established businesses in various high-growth regions worldwide” mentioned Mr Brice Vandevoorde; President & Founder; “The platform is built on a strong foundation of partnerships around the world and operates within a European regulated framework”

The REALIZ team comprises seasoned executives from the wealth management and real estate investment sectors, who have successfully established businesses in different regions worldwide, with offices in France, Austria, and Japan.

Co-founder and CEO Brice Vandevoorde, who graduated from Nice University in 2005 with a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Law and Competitive Intelligence, has over ten years of experience in building businesses in the APAC area and leading sales and marketing teams in the EMEA regions, in both the B2B distribution and real estate industries.

The Tokenization of Financial and Real-World Assets is 'En Route' So Don't Miss the Train!

With blockchain technology, global wealth management and investments in real-world assets are becoming increasingly accessible and supporting diversification. However, a missing link has been identified to connect opportunities and bridge advantages between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Long-term friends and business partners Ronnie Dange and Clement Francois joined forces as co-founders, and in 2022, SAS REALIZ was established in Nice, France, with representative offices in Vienna, Austria, and Tokyo, Japan.

In November 2022, REALIZ signed a partnership with Assetera, the first EU-regulated trading platform for digital securities and digital assets, with the capacity to become a European market leader.

REALIZ is set to improve the investment industry by providing democratised access to excellent investment opportunities worldwide, built on a strong foundation of expertise, partnerships, and regulatory frameworks.

The Tokenization of Financial and Real-World Assets is 'En Route' So Don't Miss the Train!

General tokenization

According to a BCG and ADDX study, tokenization of global illiquid assets is estimated to be a $16 trillion business opportunity, or nearly 10% of global GDP by 2030.4 This includes $3 trillion in home equity, $4 trillion in listed/unlisted and other equity, $1 trillion in bonds and investment funds, $3 trillion in other financial assets, and $5 trillion in other tokenizable assets.

Citi projects tokenization to grow by a factor of over 80x in private markets and reach up to around $4 trillion in value by 2030.

The adoption from major financial institutions, embraced by the pull from the web 3.0 community will skyrocket the adoption, and change the way of investing.

The first companies able to establish a global marketplace bringing liquidity through asset diversification will be the major unicorns for the years to come.

Tokenization of Real-World Assets

Tokenization of real-world assets unlocks a new way to monetize illiquid assets, particularly Real-Estate, by fractionalizing and sharing ownership of assets with buyers across the world and delivering custody of underlying assets to regulated companies. This could also help asset owners to retain partial ownership and also unlock liquidity.

Tokenization also unlocks new ways of financing assets, and opens new financing avenues for small companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through direct-to-retail decentralized finance (DeFi) channels.

Tokenization offers possibilities to solve traditional problems, such as lack of transparency, liquidity, and democratized access but also improves efficiency and gives access to the collateralization process.

Realiz services:

Realiz, a pioneering investment platform, has made it possible for investors to access vetted investments from around the world easily, inexpensively, and safely. The platform provides a dedicated space for wealth managers to attract new clients and earn higher commissions, making it an excellent opportunity for financial professionals.

Realiz employs the concept of tokenization, which is particularly appealing to technologically advanced younger generations and investors from diverse backgrounds, distinguishing it from traditional securities and platforms. As a result, established corporations and traditional finance (TradFi) players can use tokenization to expand their target audience.

Realiz does not focus on a particular asset class; rather, it prioritizes the quality and due diligence of its global asset selection. We aim to develop an end-to-end solution, collaborating with renowned professionals to create customized investment solutions for issuers and investors.

Realiz is committed to providing an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly platform that streamlines investment processes, thereby making it accessible to a broader audience. Its focus on quality, due diligence, and custom solutions is set to revolutionize the investment industry.

REALIZ improves Investment Industry with Innovative Web 3.0 Approach

REALIZ, an innovative investment platform, has brought together a variety of assets under the same regulated platform, opening the doors to decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and introducing web 3.0 philosophy to the investment world. The platform stands apart from traditional competitors, choosing to view them as future partners rather than adversaries.

By combining various assets and embracing DeFi solutions, REALIZ is transforming the investment industry and providing unparalleled access to lucrative opportunities for investors. The platform operates within a regulated framework, ensuring security and compliance with legal requirements.

REALIZ views competitors as future partners, reflecting its focus on collaboration and partnership. With a commitment to building a sustainable investment ecosystem, REALIZ is poised to become a leader in the investment industry.