The Vava Chroma’s Triple Laser Projector Campaign Raised Nearly $7.8 Million

The Story Behind VAVA Chroma's Triple Laser Projector Success on Indiegogo
VAVA Chroma Triple Laser Projector

With over 2,700 backers, VAVA Chroma’s Indiegogo campaign wrapped up in early 2022. The Chroma is now available to purchase at the VAVA online store.

Last fall, VAVA launched its latest Indiegogo campaign for the VAVA Chroma, an ALPD 4.0® ultra short throw triple laser projector. The R&D team had been working on this project for over a year, and the entire team at VAVA is extremely proud of both the end product and the reception.

Within four hours of funding, VAVA raised over $3 million and subsequently broke the record for most funds raised in a 24-hour period. VAVA has been asking backers what drew them to the Chroma; one backer said:

“I’m very excited to be getting my unit. I think what stands out most is just how large the screen can project. […] I love not having to hang up a TV and bulky TV mount in the room. The ability to take out a projector and put it away is a major selling point for me.”

The Chroma campaign raised nearly $7.8 million, making it the most funded campaign in Indiegogo history for the year 2021. VAVA has brought together a community full of home theater enthusiasts expressing anticipation for their projector and sharing tips and reviews.