The Virtual Football Association (VIRFA) Is Born: a New, Self-Regulated Body in the Football Galaxy

The Virtual Football Association (VIRFA) Is Born: a New, Self-Regulated Body in the Football Galaxy

VIRFA is a non-profit, Swiss association created with the aim to regulate the digital football arena, responsible for the jurisdiction of the Payfoot Metaverse and its Blockchain. This independent association is composed of prominent actors of the football institutions.

Marco Villiger
Marco Villiger

“Until now, there was no independent body in the digital football space, responsible notably for protecting and preserving players and clubs’ rights in the Metaverse. I am delighted to be part of this journey because virtual football is evolving fast, and it will grow even more. Self-regulation is therefore needed.” – Marco Villiger, Attorney, Founding member of the association, and former General Counsel and Deputy Secretary General of FIFA.

VIRFA will associate all the fans in the governance of the Metaverse and will redistribute part of the wealth created.

“The Association operates a node on the Payfoot blockchain, along with football clubs and leagues. As a node, the Association will earn gas fees (in C-Foot, the native token of the Payfoot Blockchain) and will use those fees to ensure solidarity mechanisms,” explains Thibault Verbiest, co-founder of Payfoot.

VIRFA’s first task will be to establish a charter detailing the governance of the blockchain and the rules of future competitions and leagues, in association with the fans who will be holders of governance tokens.

The Virtual Football Association

About Payfoot:

Payfoot is a layer-1 blockchain, Metaverse, and payment solution for sports communities that has been developed by RCS (Reserve Currency Solutions), a Swiss company.

Payfoot has built a unique comprehensive blockchain and decentralized infrastructure for the football community, where clubs and fans will interact in a new revolutionary way.

Payfoot Metaverse replicates the football ecosystem and its economy (augmented reality stadiums, NFTs, real estate, avatars…) and provides new opportunities to generate revenue for clubs and fans in an open, inclusive and collaborative environment.

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