This Cutting-Edge Company Could Be the Ultimate Green Tech Investment

A new plant to revolutionize plastic waste and benefit developing countries

This Cutting-Edge Company Could Be the Ultimate Green Tech Investment

Technology and sustainability are two of the most exciting industries to have a stake in now, with almost unlimited potential for future growth. At the forefront of both is a clean tech public company, Clean Vision Corp – and now, its latest progress in green technology has made its grip on our attention even tighter.

The business’ latest announcement revealed that it would enter the booming hydrogen generation marketplace – which is currently worth an impressive $125 billion and which analysts project will increase to a massive $184 billion by 2028. As announced in November, the company will be entering the market with its recent purchase and subsequent deployment of a sustainable waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plant in India.

The pilot plant will act as a global platform for the business to showcase its revolutionary waste plastic to energy technologies, a signature offering from Clean Vision’s subsidiary, Clean-Seas, which is steadily having a global impact in creating clean technology-based solutions to the plastic waste crisis, protecting the planet and our oceans while creating social and economic benefit in emerging countries around the world with it innovative, community-boosting businesses.

Meanwhile, its day-to-day operations will allow Clean-Seas’ game-changing technology to play a significant role in helping combat the region’s growing waste crisis. And will provide a clean energy source that perfectly aligns with the Indian government’s $1 trillion renewable energy infrastructure plan.

The plant will apply Clean-Seas’ technology to convert mixed waste plastic into state-of-the-art clean hydrogen, ready to be used as an energy source. This clean hydrogen will create sustainable energy for the region, but it will also be the company’s brand of hydrogen, known as “AquaH™.” The science behind this fuel generated from waste falls into a particular part of the hydrogen ‘color’ spectrum – you can see this explained in greater detail here.

Of course, this is exciting for both citizens and businesses in India and worldwide, which are interested in making their operations greener. The prospect is fascinating for investors in the company and green investing in general. It marks a huge move forward in sustainable technology with potentially global implications.

While this new plant in Hyderabad marks the company’s first pilot, we can expect the prevalence of the technology – and Clean-Seas “AquaH” hydrogen – to grow soon. The company has the support of India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT). Together, it has plans to expand to boast multiple large-scale plants using the energy conversion technology across India.

With the wider Clean Vision Corp already having built a solid reputation as a leader in sustainable technology by acquiring innovative green-tech businesses, the future looks bright, not just for its investments in the sustainable hydrogen industry in Asia, but as a leader in sustainable innovations across the globe.

Clean Vision is a publicly-traded company on the OTC Markets: (OTC: CLNV).

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