This Cutting-Edge Real Estate Tech Company Is Building Itself Up to Become Huge Very Soon

This Cutting-Edge Real Estate Tech Company Is Building Itself Up to Become Huge Very Soon

Some things will always have a market – and that includes next-gen technology and real estate. That’s why one business paving the way for the future of both industries has caught our eye for investment lately: meet MetroSpaces.

This innovative PropTech company specializes in facilitating new technologies for the real estate industry, leveraging exciting new technologies which transform the way we do business, and applying them to the specific needs of IT in real estate, and solving a host of problems in the process.

The company solves those issues by leading on the cutting edge of some of the most compelling technologies right now, applying all the benefits of technologies like AI and blockchain to real estate, in order to offer services such as enhanced end-to-end management and administration, greater business transparency, and heightened security property transactions – improving the efficiency and bottom line of the companies who enlist them, as well as ultimately transforming the industry as a whole.

It’s innovating not just through the technology it utilizes, but through the way, the industry works as a whole, too. MetroSpaces’ MetroHouse arm, for example, has just launched the Beta test for its platform, which uses those next-level technologies to advance the co-living concept, creating unique, luxury modern spaces for like-minded people to live and form communities in. The platform is designed to allow people to enjoy city life, simpler, by placing rent, furnishings, high-speed WiFi, cleaning, and utilities all under one simple bill. As CEO Oscar Brito explains, “Through the beta test, which uses mocked data content, testers will be able to see exactly how MetroHouse will work. The test includes all areas of the web app.”

For investors, MetroSpaces offers the perfect combination of booming industries. With blockchain becoming more commonplace every single day in its use by financial institutions and various industries around the world to facilitate more secure transactions, the global blockchain market size is projected to grow at a CAGR rate of more than 69% between 2019 and 2025. Then, the AI services industry is also set to grow by over 17% from 2020 to 2021, too.

Meanwhile, US real estate is still in the midst of an unstoppable market boom for the eighth year in a row and shows no sign of slowing, even despite the effects of the pandemic, with the median sales price of new homes skyrocketing by more than 20% year on year, as of August 2021. As the market continues to explode, real estate businesses are looking more and more to facilitate their own business growth at the same extraordinary rate through digital transformations and improved workflow efficiencies.

This is, of course, where MetroSpace’s dedicated leading-edge technologies come into play. And there seems no doubt about it: these soaring industries are ones that smart investors should want to be part of. For those looking to enjoy the fruits of a business with huge growth potential in the near future, this PropTech company shows all the signs of a wise stock buy.

With that in mind, it might be surprising to discover that the price of MetroSpaces isn’t as high as you’d expect it to be right now – which means now is a great time to get in on the ground up and hold stocks while this promising business grows.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. all stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. article provided in part by strategic innovations who are paid for by the companies for social media and research.