Three at Home Delivers a Powerful Commentary on Women’s Rights With New Single ‘Magnificat’

“Magnificat” is a sultry folk-rock track questioning systems of power and privilege through the lens of the Virgin Mary; the unique angle this song is written from creates a powerful dialogue examining the intersections between religious trauma and feminism.

Three at Home Delivers a Powerful Commentary on Women’s Rights With New Single 'Magnificat'
Three at Home

Folk-rock duo Three At Home, brought to you by songwriters Mary Casiello and Dann Russo, is set to deliver their newest single, “Magnificat,” out now. Inspiration for this track struck upon the rise of the #MeToo movement in 2018 where Casiello found herself horrified by the copious amounts of tragic stories coming to light from women who were suffering at the hands of powerful men from Hollywood to the Catholic Church. Having been born and raised Catholic, Casiello found herself reflecting on the story of the Virgin Mary and how she is portrayed in the Bible as loving, empathetic, submissive, and quiet. Her story being one Casiello struggled to relate to, the songstress began asking powerful questions like, ‘was she ever angry, sad, or upset?’ Casiello wrote this piece by putting herself in the shoes of the Virgin Mary and asking herself how she would feel if she were in Mary’s position. The powerful subject matter translates into rich, impassioned vocals enmeshed with poignant acoustic guitar and lush keys. Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Brandi Carlile, Elton John, and Taylor Swift’s Folklore.

With inspiration for this project stemming from the women’s empowerment movement, Casiello grew to realize that the only version of Mary she’d ever been exposed to came from others telling her story, leaving no space to consider the truth of Mary’s experience from her own perspective. It soon became clear to Casiello that her struggle was not with Mary, rather the people and institutions who have constructed her narrative on their terms. After spontaneously writing the skeleton for this track in a parking lot on the way home from a gig, Casiello workshopped the piece with a group of fellow songwriters before bringing the demo to Russo. He quickly fell in love with the piece, and the two began recording in June of 2021. Together, the duo brought “Magnificat” to life with their signature buttery harmonies and stripped folk-rock sound. The single came together with engineer Nico Rivers (Nico Rivers and the Black Grass, Gold Hoax) who recorded, produced, and mastered this track; “Magnificat” was recorded at The Record Company in Boston, MA. For Three At Home, they hope “Magnificat” gives listeners “the opportunity to question systems that have hurt them or have hurt others, the chance to heal religious or systemic trauma, and especially for those who aren’t cis men, a feeling of being seen and heard. 

Three at Home Delivers a Powerful Commentary on Women’s Rights With New Single 'Magnificat'
Three at Home “Magnificat”

If Bruce Springsteen and Sara Bareilles formed a duo, put it through a Black Keys fuzz pedal, and added the blues and harmonies that made Fleetwood Mac famous, you would get Three At Home. Two voices with one guitar, a full band with horn section, or any permutation in between, Three At Home delivers pop folk with a kick that invites audiences both tearfully and joyfully to sing along.

Their debut EP ‘Perfectly Unclear,’ released in June of 2018, runs deep into the rock and roll territory of bands like The Black Keys, while still maintaining a focus on the tight harmonies that they are known for in their acoustic performances.

Their most recent project, ‘playlist. #notarecord,’ released 1.21.21, takes that focus and turns it up a notch, highlighting harmonies, raucous distortion, incredible guitar solos, and smart songwriting. Three At Home is now in the process of releasing three follow-up singles throughout 2022 starting on June 6th with “Magnificat.”