Ultrasonic Technology Is Powering the Next Generation of Vaping Devices

SURGE Pioneers Ultrasonic Technology in Vaping Devices

The vaping industry is constantly evolving. SURGE Vapor seeks to revolutionize the consumer experience with new ultrasonic technology.

Typical vaping devices use a coil made of resistance wire. The wire is heated with an electrical current, turning e-liquid into vapor. Due to the heating process of traditional coils, they need to be replaced frequently and can produce unpleasant “dry hits” or burnt flavors.

The SURGE engineering team looked for a solution to this longstanding problem. The result is a new implementation of ultrasonic technology. The SURGE ultrasonic vaping chip vibrates 3 million times per second, splitting e-liquid into a cloud of vapor, without the use of a traditional heating wire.

Ultrasonic heating creates smaller vapor particles, delivering nicotine content more efficiently for increased satisfaction. Since no wires are heated to produce vapor, “dry hits” and burnt flavors are eliminated from the vaping experience. Additionally, the lower working temperature of the ultrasonic process reduces potential toxin emission and maintains the chemical stability of the e-liquid.

Increasingly, smokers are looking for less harmful alternatives to combustible tobacco. SURGE Vapor hopes that their new approach to vaping technology can maximize harm reduction while increasing satisfaction.

SURGE Vapor’s first device is made for new vapers, with a lightweight design, automatic draw activation, and pre-filled ultrasonic pods. The device launches with six flavors, which have been specifically developed to pair with ultrasonic technology.

In a statement, SURGE Vapor said: “Our mission was to create new vaping technology, which advances tobacco harm reduction and maximizes satisfaction. After years of research and development, this is now a reality. We are excited for vapers around the world to experience the next generation of vaping with SURGE.”