Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Creates Record Demand for Trained Professionals

Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Creates Record Demand for Trained Professionals

Ensign College recently identified 428 cybersecurity employment opportunities available along the Wasatch Front, with new positions added every day. Likewise, across the U.S., the demand for cyber-analysts, auditors, engineers, and other cybersecurity experts is unparalleled, as every business and entity recognizes the need to protect its assets.

Spencer DeGraw, program chair for the cybersecurity program at Ensign College, said “Most people would be surprised to see how many different career paths exist in the cybersecurity world, from physical security to digital monitoring, to infrastructure design. There will always be a need for cyber professionals. It is a fascinating and exciting career path.”

Indeed, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that the number of information security analyst positions is anticipated to grow 31% between 2019 and 2029, while the median annual salary for security analysts soared to $99,730 in 2019. With Cybersecurity Ventures reporting as many as 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally in 2021, the dire need for skilled cyber experts continues to grow.

What does this mean for the next generation of young adults making decisions about their futures? If you have an interest in IT and are looking for job security, a degree in cybersecurity is a good plan.

“Cybersecurity covers a significant breadth of technology and skillsets, offering a range of satisfying careers,” DeGraw explained. “Some jobs might involve network and data analysis skills, or programming skills. Others might require you to actually hack into a network to test the defenses of an environment, or conduct security audits or risk assessments.” Regardless of which path interests you, a bachelor’s degree is the best way to prepare yourself to meet the growing security needs of business professionals.

Ensign College’s cybersecurity program has been preparing highly qualified professionals since 2014. In fact, their cybersecurity competitive team consistently places high in national competitions, recently qualifying in the top 4 at the annual Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Denver, CO.

“Our bachelor’s program is designed as an applied degree, which means we emphasize hands-on labs and projects in our classes,” said DeGraw. “Instructors with real-life experience in the industry help students develop skills like data analysis, problem-solving, and best practices in security infrastructure and design, so they have the experience to start work from day one.”

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Ensign College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.