“We Believe in Equality, and We Believe That All Voices Should Be Heard,” – Renesar Deunida, Chief Executive Officer of SARTiNE

"We Believe in Equality, and We Believe That All Voices Should Be Heard," - Renesar Deunida, Chief Executive Officer of SARTiNE

If social media can be that powerful to build a brand name or influence the outcome of a national election, then it would surely be useful and effective in promoting a cause.

Digital advertising company SARTiNE had this in mind when it recently launched its own social media initiative in support of advancing the rights, inclusivity, and protection against discrimination of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Using its creative artworks and its influential digital community of millions of organic social media users that empower the marketing of the company’s clientele of top corporate brands and political figures, SARTiNE decided to give the LGBTQIA+ movement a powerful voice on social media to help them assert their equal rights and dignity amid incidents of harassment and discrimination that are still rampant up to this day.

“As a company that has worked with the grassroots community through our political campaigns, we have encountered people from different gender preferences and identities, and we believe that every person has a beautiful story to tell. We believe in equality, and we believe that all voices should be heard,” says Renesar A. Deunida, Chief Executive Officer of SARTiNE.

In 2018, the first Philippine Corporate SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression) Diversity and Inclusiveness Index revealed that only 17 out of the 100 companies covered by the study, commissioned by the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, have anti-discrimination policies. Today, diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental for organizations. However, there is a need to further educate and create an environment that ensures diversity and inclusion, and this is where SARTiNE comes in.

Proudly proclaiming itself as an ally, SARTiNE, weeks before the celebrated Pride Month of June, created a Facebook page exclusively for the promotion of welfare and equality of the LGBTQIA+ people, while pushing for the proper education of netizens against discrimination in said marginalized sector.

More than two weeks after it was launched on May 21, 2022, SARTiNE’s ‘WHO R U?’ Facebook page now has almost 22,000 followers and growing, reflecting the urgent need to intensify an effective social media campaign in support of the LGBTQIA+ movement. With the ‘WHO R U?’ page, SARTiNE hopes to solicit personal stories from the LGBTQIA+ community to give a sense of belongingness to those who need understanding and support.

Soon, SARTiNE will also launch the ‘WHO R U?’ website dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community where they can find information on their civil rights, as well as solace from a community that understands and promotes individuality.

Seven-year-old SARTiNE is being led by businessman and veteran PR strategist Deunida, who, for 20 years, served as the Information Technology expert of the United Nations Vienna and HSBC.

The Makati-based company is equipped with time-tested and data-backed technology and marketing strategy that, for the past years, has been proven successful in reaching the desired target market for brand development and obtaining the required results during national and local elections here and in different parts of the world.

“We wish to do our share in supporting the marginalized sector, particularly our LGBTQIA+ community by giving them a space to interact and support each other. We will help amplify their message that they matter. They are not invisible. And they are respected for being true to themselves,” adds Deunida.