What You Should Know About Sash Windows

What You Should Know About Sash Windows
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Sash windows are a great addition to your property when it is time to replace your old windows. They improve the overall appearance of the home, as well as add that extra sense of security from unwanted entries. They are made of panels that can move vertically or horizontally. They are typically associated with more traditional homes and designs, although recently, have been re-designed to suit UPVC frames for a more modern look. Double glazed sash windows can bring your home many benefits. Here are some examples:

Double Glazing Benefits

Double glazing sash windows are especially beneficial to a property as the two panes of glass add extra layers of insulation and protection to the window itself. This significantly reduces heat loss as well as energy loss. Which, ultimately, can help lower the energy bill costs. With the double panes of glass, this can add extra security as they are much harder to break through than a single pane of glass. Double glazing is often seen as an attractive feature to a potential buyer, which can increase the property value.

Extra Ventilation

Sash windows allow for ventilation because the openings separate inflow from the outflow. Warm air tumbles out of the upper opening, and cooler air enters through the lower opening. By using a sash window, ventilation can be maximized to keep the indoor air clean and limit the risk of airborne infections. However, effective ventilation requires knowledge of flow physics. Therefore, the researchers developed a model to simulate the ventilation of sash windows.

Low Maintenance

Depending on the frame you choose, the maintenance level will vary. However, UPVC sash windows are becoming more popular for a modernized property appearance. UPVC frames are easy to clean and do not require repainting or replacements. You can simply wash the dirt and grime away with water and soap to give your windows that ‘new’ look all over again. You can open the sash windows to reach the crevices that are otherwise difficult to get to on other windows.


Sash windows are known for their high-quality design, as well as their timeless appearance. Their high-quality material, design, and manufacturing process means for increased durability. They can last up to 20 years with the right maintenance. The cost is a worthy investment for any property you own and will eventually accumulate to an increased value estimate which is incredibly beneficial for when you wish to sell to a new buyer.

Final Words

Sash windows are great investment features for any home and come with many benefits to elevate and modernize any property, with any style. Before installing, you should research window companies near you to pick the most reliable and professional service you can find. It is important that these windows are installed correctly, and always look for a company that offers a guarantee over a span of years. With Scotland’s unfortunate (and unpredictable) weather forecasts, wear and tear can occur quickly. Make sure you are covered for any damage, breakage, and accidental issues.