Who is Sharron Elkabas of MN2S Talent Agency?

Who is Sharron Elkabas of MN2S Talent Agency?
Sharron Elkabas

Sharron Elkabas, the Managing Director of MN2S talent agency has focused his efforts for the past 28 years on making MN2s a major player in the talent management space, providing opportunities for their talent and the brands they work with.

Elkabas’ driven and action-oriented approach has helped transform MN2S from a small DJ company in the 90s into a global talent agency that it is today.

The agency supplies talent globally in every continent and continues to expand, staying relevant in an ever changing marketplace.


“That’s the most important factor for success,” says Elkabas, who shows no signs of slowing down any time soon,

A global pandemic, industry ups and down, relentless competition and even criticism were never reasons for Elkabas to shy away from his priorities as the Managing Director of MN2S.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and tenacious grit, he’s ready to take MN2S into a new era that will be influenced by consumers, competition and even by AI.

Elkabas says he has always been focused on moving the needle forward one step at a time, and one task at a time. That eliminates a lot of stress and keeps the growth of MN2S consistent and manageable.

“”That’s always been highly effective for me. Taking small steps everyday to reach our objectives is far easier than taking huge ones and it’s a more sustainable process that allows us to confidently navigate the bumps and hurdles as and when they arise,” says Elkabas.

Sharron Elkabas also has a keen interest in emerging technologies and does his best to stay ahead of industry trends so he can integrate them with the vision and overall goals of MN2S.

In an interview with The London Post, Sharron Elkabas shared his vision about the role AI will play in the future of the talent business.

“When I first realized how this new generation of tech could be integrated into our own business model, I was hooked and I had to find out more,” says Elkabas.

Elkabas went on to say that AI is already being implemented and that it will continue to happen as we develop more regulations around employing the use of AI, licensing the likeness of talent  and learning how to better incorporate Ai into brand campaigns.

“AI is being used to produce digital doubles of celebrities, actors and musicians,” says Elkabas.

Elkabas says this will have an endless variety of applications in the future, and we’re beginning to see a major move towards talent licensing their image to be replicated digitally in entertainment and media through the use of AI technology.

He goes on to say that it could have a seismic impact on the talent industry.

To explain how it all works in simple terms, Elkabas says it’s called generative AI. That means AI software can essentially generate the likeness of talent using technology, and have said talent do or say things without actually having to be there.

AI has the ability right now to take any text input and transform it into an image at the other end.

“In a similar way, the AI tech we’re talking about can be trained on thousands of images of an individual, in order to create a digital double that can then be inserted into digital campaigns through the use of advanced visual FX,” says Elkabas.

Elkabas is hopeful about the future, and unlike some, welcomes the technology as a new vehicle for talent and the agencies they work with to earn more.

“The whole process will become way more efficient,” adds Elkabas.

“Where my team may have had to arrange the travel of a group of five from New York to LA for a weekend shoot, now we would simply have to email over a few contracts and authorize the use of a digital double remotely, then let the tech guys do their thing.”

AI is having its moment now, and Elkabas is eager to stay ahead of the curve and employ it to further grow MN2S worldwide. As the Managing Director of a global talent agency, you always need to be ready.