Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Knowing the main characteristics of a financial pyramid or a scam project can help you identify such ventures. These features may include:

  1. The sole source of income is from new customers.
  2. The founders have complete control over the flow of money.
  3. The founders can embezzle funds.
  4. The founders may block members or assign referral partners to themselves.
  5. The founders may deliberately bankrupt the project to gain financially.
  6. The project may claim unrealistic positive trades.
  7. There is a lack of transparency in the company’s activities and financial transactions.
  8. The leaders present an overly positive picture of the situation, concealing problems.
  9. In times of business difficulties, the creators attempt to recover at the expense of the participants’ new investments by issuing new shares, tokens, and similar measures.
Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam

So what is DAISY?

DAISY is a cutting-edge financial management tool that utilizes advanced technology and trading algorithms developed by EndoTech. Its primary objective is to enhance profitability by trading in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets.

As a verified network partner of EndoTech, DAISY leverages the expertise of a pioneer in the industryEndoTech, founded in 2012, was the first company to offer cloud-based AI-driven automated trading software.

Why is DAISY not a financial pyramid or a SCAM project?

01/ DAISY is a reliable project because it does not rely on mandatory recruitment of new members to generate profits. Individuals can join DAISY with any amount from 200 USDT, withdraw profits and do not have to invite anyone to join.

02/ All funds are managed through smart contracts, ensuring automatic distribution to EndoTech trading deposits, crowdfunding, AI, and client network development.

03/ The project founders have no control over the participants’ finances, as the smart contract explicitly states, and every participant can monitor changes to their account and view transaction details on the TRONSCAN website.

04/ Unlike financial pyramids, DAISY is not obligated to pay a fixed amount regularly. If there are no profits, there are no payments. The project only generates profits from successful trades and participant commissions, and EndoTech only earns commissions from participants every six months or when they withdraw their profits.

05/ Blockchain ensures 100% reliability of all transactions and statistics in the DAISY personal account. Every hour, up-to-date data is received from the accounts of the exchanges, after which the personal and general balance in the participant’s personal account is automatically updated.

06/ The entire DAISY & EndoTech system works through smart contracts that cannot be changed, since their work is carried out on the TRON blockchain. Money management is carried out in real time using more than 10 smart contracts connected to each other, each of which is correlated with a certain type of operations and transactions. All transactions on the blockchain can be tracked in real time, which provides complete transparency in the activities and financial flows of the project.

07/ The founders of DAISY do not hide the fact that there are also unprofitable months. Both positive and negative trading statistics are published in the dashboard.

Daisy Forex Trading has demonstrated a consistently strong performance since its establishment, delivering impressive results throughout the first 11 months of operation.

Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam

Crypto trading is a highly volatile activity that may not prove profitable for all participants. The timing of one’s entry into the market can determine whether gains or losses are incurred.

Despite this, the creators of Daisy are transparently disclosing both favorable and unfavorable outcomes, which can be reviewed in their dashboard where all relevant details are accessible.

Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam

08/ Finally, DAISY pays out profits from trading, meaning that even if the founders decide to close the entrance to the project, all participants will still receive profit for months and years. This aspect distinguishes DAISY from financial pyramids, which often collapse, leaving participants with no profits.

Ultimately, no Ponzi scheme can yield returns exceeding the total amount initially invested by its participants.

However, upon reviewing the financial records of Daisy Forex, one may observe that the present balance surpasses twice the sum contributed by members.

Why is Daisy Not a Pyramid Scheme or Scam

Kindly view the ensuing video to comprehend why Daisy is not a pyramid scheme or fraudulent enterprise:

Join DAISY and evaluate your own results from cooperation with DAISY & EndoTech!

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