Winners Inc. Reaping the Benefits of the New National Pastime in Online Sports Betting

Winners Inc. Reaping the Benefits of the New National Pastime in Online Sports Betting

The United States online gambling market is steadily climbing higher after being valued at $1.978 billion in 2020. This climb is gaining speed, and it is crucial to get in on it before the train hits a fever pitch. The online gambling market’s compound annual growth rate also signals consumer confidence in the marketplace and plenty to invest in from online sports betting businesses.

Winners Inc. (stock symbol $WNRS) is one such business that has excited investors. Much like the hidden gems of the OTC market from our previous article, this one is sporting price points not likely to be seen again. As a growing number of legal and regulated states open the doors for online sports betting, Winners Inc. is powerfully reaping the benefits. As we see yet another place on the map, New Jersey, secured a significant deal in online sports betting, the revenue growth potential for Winners Inc. is stout.

The company’s stable and growing revenue streams include:

  • Customers of Vegas Winners buying picks, analysis, research, and data
  • Finder’s fees for customers who use their research to place a bet with online sportsbooks
  • Advertising revenue from ability to reach an audience of millions
  • A database from advertisements, shows, and video broadcasts of sports gamblers in the US
  • Future streams from making the database available

A closer look at these features and the recent partnership with one of the world’s most famous betting brands, bet365, reveal how Winners Inc. is branching out in the world of sports betting and beyond. Audiences will also look forward to seeing Wayne Allyn Root appear as a Brand Ambassador of Spartan Casino and Spartan Casino’s online gaming products. A fantastic deal with the blockchain-based online casino and sportsbook has made it possible. Mr. Root will also serve on the advisory board of Spartan Casino. Winners Inc is winning out again.

Next Level Leadership & Sound Fundamentals

Vegas Winners CEO Wayne Allyn Root once called Mount Vernon, New York home and was touted as a betting whiz kid throughout his time there. That moniker is quite fitting as Mr. Root has become a next-level Vegas oddsmaker figure. However, shuttling millions of callers and website visitors over the years is only a portion of what Wayne has been able to accomplish.

A robust win rate of 36 years earns Mr. Root a legendary status as a sports handicapper, and he is effectively the Jimmy the Greek of this generation. He has also been a bestselling author, radio host, and talk show host. Mr. Wayne Root is genuinely a leader who knows how the company’s end-user thinks and bets.

In 2018 Mr. Root predicted the legalizing of sports gambling. A Supreme Court decision lifting the ban took place shortly after. “Our vision from the day we founded Vegas Winners was to get our Company licensed in every state in America with legal sports gaming, and to partner with the biggest global and national brands in sports gaming.”, he said. There is a genuine vision within this organization that spells longevity and stability.

Joining Mr. Root is President Tom Terwilliger. He is a vital component of this machine and the excitement is palpable and on display in the growth of the company. Mr. Terwilliger is also a dynamic force to bring in investors and continue the promotion of the parent brand and Mr. Root’s shows. Integrity and high transparency run deep. Winners Inc. is open about its willingness to make acquisitions and go into other avenues. The company is regularly is applying for licensure in more states to expand its footprint in the gaming industry, and Mr. Terwilliger is a significant part of that effort. Winners Inc. continues its growth with each successful licensing in new states.

Investors looking for an incredible ride should study up on this growth opportunity business that is only increasing in strength. The company looks forward to capital opportunities for its investors in a promising future.

More States Betting Big on Gambling

Vegas Winners has a team that picks winners and provides commentary and sound analysis of sports teams. However, professional guidance, resource, and research all need to come from transparent sources with a high degree of integrity regardless of what sportsbook users choose to make their picks.

In addition, every state in the nation has in its hands the ability to make sports gambling legal for its residents. Vegas Winners and Winners Inc. ($WNRS) has investors excited and talking as it steps into New Jersey with the bet365 deal. This partnership captures another venue for this exploding market and is a perfect alliance.

In many states where the legalization of sports betting is only a reality on retail and in-person levels, there is legislation to take betting into the next era.

The Krush House Show

You cannot talk about Vegas Winners without mentioning the exhilarating show Krush House. Regular video episodes attract sports fans and gamblers. Building an audience is a breeze when the charismatic Wayne Allyn Root is behind the microphone. Joining him is a team of aces talking all things sports keeps listeners up to date and on top of the action.

This show is one element in a multi-part approach to generate revenue continually and deliver on the sports action across the nation. As an increasing number of Americans turn to long-form media, the time is perfect for bringing sports betting talk to more than 60 million homes.

The Kappers series of the show dives in with some of the world’s best sports handicappers and gambling experts. Listeners are drawing massive value from this well of knowledge and keep coming back to learn more. This expertise is another way Vegas Winners and Winners Inc. delivers to its members and followers. Listeners who make a pick with Vegas Winners join the high-value database that the company commands. As upwards of 45% of long-form podcast-style listeners have a household income over $75k, this is a prime audience for sports betting and marketing.

The Legends series of Krush House stars former Minnesota Vikings QB Sean Salisbury, online hit Frank Nicotero, and even legend Pete Rose stops by. Conversations with big names like Warren Moon, Jim Everett, and Rashad Jennings always bring significant audiences. This growth has investors keying in on the swell of online sports gambling.

Winners Inc. has a genuine fountain of users & listeners, and plenty of advertising dollars are chomping at the bit to reach those Americans.

Vegas Winners and the whole Winners Inc. family has a fantastic revenue model and will only improve with the growing marketplace. Commissions also come in from a favorite pastime in sports gambling in addition to an out-of-this-world video show in Krush House. These revenue streams show a company that knows how to capture the attention of its audience. More people are joining the online sports betting world each day and loving the thrill of a company like this one. Dig into Winners Inc and find out why they are trusted to deliver winning picks, solid research, and the next-level advice in sports betting. Winners Inc. is traded under WNRS on the OTC Markets.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. all stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. article provided in part by strategic innovations who are paid for by the companies for social media and research.