Wireline Truck Equipment Design and Manufacturing Giants Innovate With Their Latest Cost and Carbon-Friendly Technology

Wireline Truck Equipment Design and Manufacturing Giants Innovate With Their Latest Cost and Carbon-Friendly Technology

Texas Wireline Manufacturing continues to drive the industry forward with the launch of its world-first Fuzion EcoTrux wireline logging truck, designed to save time, money, and the environment.

The company’s latest innovation is the future of hybrid wireline technology in the global oil and gas industry, introducing incredible efficiency in a way rarely seen with heavy vehicle manufacturing.

Fuzion EcoTrux features four times the power output of traditional wireline trucks, no hydraulics, minimal chassis operation for increased chassis longevity, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, and robust digital data control.

The system provides unprecedented digital recording and analysis through the onboard tablet, enabling valuable access to data on the go. The new Fuzion trucks also ensure a smaller carbon footprint with significant cost reduction and a unique multifunctional redundancy solution to power the vehicles.

Texas Wireline Manufacturing President, Mark Petty, said the company didn’t compromise on performance or quality with its new Fuzion units as it moved towards electrically powered hybrid vehicles.

“Fuzion’s technological advancements are the future of wireline trucks. We are evolving the industry with hybrid technology that not only creates efficiencies but significantly reduces the impact on the environment,” said Mr. Petty.

“The EcoTrux unit functions with two onboard sources of power, plus an umbilical option and a battery backup, that reduces maintenance requirements and in turn saves time and money.

“We also designed the Fuzion EcoPax in a way that enables conversion of any wireline truck in the field to electric power with minimal vehicle modifications.

“We are a socially responsible company, and Fuzion is the latest innovation ensuring a drastically reduced carbon footprint or, in the case of the unit’s umbilical operations, zero carbon emissions.”

There is never a good time for downtime; standard wireline truck exhaust, hydraulic, or fuel system maintenance requirements impact productivity. The Fuzion solution moves away from diesel power and the cost of upkeep that comes with it.

Texas Wireline Manufacturing’s commitment to quality and innovation across its range of units and products is led by an expert team in wireline design and manufacturing.

For more information on the new Fuzion line, visit texaswireline.com/fuzion.