Woman’s Health Checks – Why Women Should Check Their Breasts?

Woman’s Health Checks - Why Women Should Check Their Breasts?

Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease. You can never shut your eyes to ignore the reality of breast cancer, as it is the most prevalent disease in women. Each year, many women are diagnosed with this dreadful health condition.

Although medical science and technology have enhanced treatments and medications, breast cancer accounts for one of the leading diseases behind many deaths in women.
Thankfully, it is very treatable as long as it is caught early enough. Therefore, you must undergo a woman’s health check regularly and inspect your breasts for unusual changes.

Why is Breast Self-Assessment Important?

You can not run away from breast cancer as it is unpreventable. However, assessing your breasts every once in a while can increase your chances of survival if you get diagnosed with breast cancer. Moreover, regular self-examinations along with mammography and clinical check-ups can detect your symptoms of breast cancer at an early stage.

In addition, practicing a regular breast self-assessment can make your breasts familiar to you. Since you would learn how your breasts sense and appear normally, it will be easier for you to identify any new changes. If you find anything suspicious, the first thing you shoudl do is consult your doctor.

How Should I Check My Breast?

Every woman must inspect her breasts for lump formations, thicknesses, and any other variations every month. This monthly routine is not much of a hassle, and you should be able to perform it easily. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Press your breasts firmly by using your fingers.
  2. Start in small circular motions. Keep moving your hand over your opposite hand to one of the breasts. Ensure that your check all areas, including around your armpit.
  3. Next, repeat the same process with your other breast.

In addition, here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Examine your breast after a week has passed since your last period, as most hormonal changes occur in this duration
  • Try your self-examining routine in the shower. It is the most convenient way for you to get the job done
  • Check your breast’s reflection in a mirror. This can help you remember how your breasts normally look

What Should You Look For?

During your monthly examination routine, you should keep an eye on the following symptoms.

  • A part of your breast appears different than the other breast
  • A cyst or lump in your breast or near your breast that might last throughout your period. Look for the same in your armpits as well.
  • Thickening in or near the breast
  • Changed breast size
  • A different breast shape or skin color
  • A formation under your breast skin that appears like marble or a spider web
  • Changed feeling or appearance of the nipples, such as inflamed, puckered, dimpled, or scaly nipples
  • Changed nipple color
  • A clear fluid or bloody release from your nipples
  • Skin appears red on your breast area or nipples

Final Thoughts

Your breasts may suffer from many changes during your lifetime. In addition, most changes are not very severe as several women find lumps in their breasts. However, not all of them are cancerous.

But, this does not mean you should ditch your breast self-check at all. Besides taking a woman’s health check once a year, you must assess your breast once every month. It can assist in detecting breast cancer before it’s too late, as well as help diagnose several other medical issues you might be encountering.